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Development and maintenance of “formal” learning materials in compliance with outcomes and assessment criteria set in the unit standards and qualifications. These learning material packages include (apart from the registered unit standards) learner guides (modules of learning content); assessment guides and assessment tools (such as knowledge questionnaires with model answers and observation checklists for practical assessment). The learning materials may be used to obtain formal credits towards part or full qualifications on various levels of the Further Education and Training (FET) band of learning. Certification of achievements in this regard is done by FoodBev SETA (qualifications) or an accredited consultant or workplace provider (skills programmes).


Development of in-company learning materials, not based on unit standards and qualification designs (as above) for use on an in-company basis (but containing selected information from the above formal learning packages). These learning materials are suited for use by both semi-literate learners and literate learners as entry level learning, thus empowering learners for later progression to the formal learning interventions. This type of intervention constitutes a partnership between user companies, SAMPRO and Milk SA, and certification of achievements is done on an internal basis.


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