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• Posters (A3 laminated)

Gerber Fat determination
Procedure for pH test
Methods of measuring temperature
How to use the Pearson Square
Milk Reception
Procedure for Freezing Point determination
Sampling at Milk Reception
CIP re-use system
Hygiene and Health in a food handling environment
Procedure for Alizarol test
CIP single use
CIP of heated surfaces
Cleaning out of place (COP)
Safety signs

• Module summaries in presentation format (shortened titles) [for use by instructors]

119802  Quality control
120402 Physics & chemistry
120235 Microbiology
120239 CCPs for HACCP
120245 Nature of milk
120403 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
120404 Hygiene & health
120410 COP
120234 Pasteurization
120255 Standardization
120396 Bulk milk collection
120405 CIP
120412 Terminology
120413 Milk reception
120417 Control pests & waste
120257 Homogenization
120238 Shrink-wrapping
120256 Packaging in plastic sachets
120233 Packaging in glass or rigid plastic
123272 Prepare laboratory glassware
123301 Packaging of processed cheese portions

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