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Generation of dairy technical and related learning standards for registration:

Generation of dairy technical and related learning standards and qualifications for registration with the appropriate authorities (South African Qualifications Authority - SAQA, via involvement with the Food Manufacturing Standards Generating Body – Food Manufacturing SGB) and the maintenance of these standards and qualifications.
So-called unit standards (of learning) record the outcomes of discreet learning interventions, together with the assessment criteria with which the competence of a learner’s performance are to be assessed. Additionally, qualifications supported by these unit standards are designed and registered with SAQA. Revision of both the unit standards and qualification designs every three years is mandatory. Quality checks are continuously performed in view of future revisions.
Current standards and qualification designs are valid until 2012. A full revision has being conducted for re-registration and re-registration has been gazette by SAQA.

 With the aid of industry experts, we are currently embarked on a process of conversion of the current qualifications to occupational qualifications, based on occupational profiles and a new approach to learning process and assessment design. The final qualifications will be aligned to the traditional apprenticeship approach which includes a knowledge component, practical training, workplace experience training and a final, external, integrated assessment (which will have both knowledge and a practical component). The rationale for the approach is that a learner who has been tutored in the theory and coached in the practical skills can be called ‘skilled’, but only with proper workplace experience learning can he/she become ‘qualified’.







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